it's okay to cry

Modern Crybaby is the diy emo child of NJ-based singer/songwriter and producer, Dylan Schroth. With a heavy heart and a hopeful smile, Schroth is a Modern Crybaby who sings about his experience with depression, anxiety, growth, and recovery with the hopes of inspiring others on a similar path.   

So what is a modern crybaby? It’s someone who carries a heavy heart and a hopeful smile and is learning to be proud of it. Maybe as a kid they were told not to cry, and now they tear up over every half-decent show they watch. Maybe they wanna tell all their friends they love them, but they don’t wanna make it weird even though they really do love them. Maybe they’ve been through a lot of hurt, but they’re doing the work of healing and growing in spite of it, because they want love the world the way they wish the world would love them.

Maybe one or more of those things describes you... If so then, maybe you’re a modern crybaby too. 


call yourself a crybaby

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